Basic Info

  • Enjoy one-stop selling and shopping at Treasured Twice consignment events. Clear items from your house, make money, and find new treasures at unbeatable prices.
  • A consignor agreement must be completed in order to place items in an event.
  • A $10 consignor registration fee helps cover administrative and publicity costs. The registration fee will be subtracted from your check but is waived if you refer a friend to consign in the event (friend must register and sell at least five items).  Message Treasured Twice with referral info. 
  • You prepare, hang, price, and tag your own items (unless using the Tagging Service). You also choose whether to discount items during the half-price sale and whether to donate unsold items to a local charity.
  • Earn 70% profit of your sales, 5% more (75% of your profits) by volunteering four hours during an event, or 10% more (80% of your profits) by volunteering eight or more hours.
  • Consignors and volunteers shop before the public.   
  • Too busy?  Treasured Twice offers a Tagging Service. Gather items, schedule a drop-off time with Treasured Twice, and everything will be hung, packaged, priced, and tagged for you.  You receive 50% of the final sale price of your items using this service (or up to 60% if you volunteer during the event).
  • Pick up unsold items after the sale. Your check will be mailed within two weeks after the event.
  • Treasured Twice will set up special appointments for drop-off, pick-up, or volunteer shifts if the scheduled times do not work for you.

Step-by-Step Consignor Instructions:

  1. Sign up for a My Consignment Manager account (if first-time user), register for Treasured Twice event, pick a drop-off time, and select your volunteer shift(s).
  2. Check the list of accepted sale items and gather items for the event. Check national recall lists for any items that may have been recalled.
  3. Prepare, package, and hang items according to guidelines. Wash/dry clothes, iron/steam wrinkles, and place clothing on hangers.  Clean toys and equipment and make sure everything has batteries, works properly, and includes all parts.  Place items with small pieces in clear plastic bags.  Clean shoes and put them in plastic bags or zip tie/safety pin/lace them together.   
  4. Enter items in the online software system and print tags. Attach tags to items.
  5. Drop off items during your scheduled check-in time.
  6. Tell friends about the event. Shop the sale to find new treasures.  Work volunteer shift(s).   
  7. Collect unsold items on pick-up day. Look for check in the mail within two weeks after the event. 

Items Accepted:

There is no limit to the number of items that you can bring to an event.  Merchandise will sell better when ironed, neatly displayed, and free of dirt, smells, and pet hair.  Items will be closely inspected and not be placed on the sales floor if they are not suitable for future use.  Treasured Twice strives to offer high-quality events so that shoppers are satisfied and return to future sales, and consignors sell more items.  We appreciate your understanding if items are not accepted.    

Use the following lists as a guideline of what is accepted at Treasured Twice events (there may be other items that are accepted but not included on the lists).  Please review the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website,, to ensure that items are not recalled or in violation of current guidance.  Contact Treasured Twice if you have questions regarding accepted or recalled items. 


  • Infant, child, and adult clothing and shoes
  • Sports equipment (cleats, bats, balls, gloves, clubs, racquets, dancewear/leotards, etc.)
  • Maternity clothing and accessories
  • Baby essentials and gear (burp cloths, grooming kits, new disposable or cloth diapers, diaper bags, changing pads, monitors, baby carriers, new pacifiers, baby gates, and safety equipment)
  • Nursing supplies (covers, nursing pads, and closed system breast pumps)
  • Feeding supplies and accessories (new bottles/nipples, clean/sanitized used bottles without nipples, cups, bibs, baby food makers, and plate/bowl/silverware sets)
  • Small toys with all pieces and working batteries
  • Large toys (kitchens, tool benches, train tables, dollhouses, vanities, art easels, etc.)
  • Blankets, sheets, and bedding sets (no crib bumpers)
  • Bath items (baby bathtubs, towels/washcloths, toys, and bathroom sets/shower curtains)
  • Accessories (belts, hair bows, hats, ties, socks, new undergarments, sunglasses, and jewelry)
  • Room decorations (picture frames, wall hangings, lamps, rugs, growth charts, etc.)
  • Furniture (bookshelves, toy organizers, changing tables, beds, dressers, small tables/chairs, rocking chairs/gliders, and approved cribs)
    • Drop-side cribs are not allowed to be resold, and neither are cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010. 
    • Cribs that were manufactured between July 23, 2010 and June 28, 2011 must include a retailer’s certificate of compliance. 
  • Books, DVDs, CDs, games, puzzles, software, and electronics
  • Art, science, and educational items
  • Backpacks, suitcases/overnight bags, and purses
  • Party invitations and decorations
  • Travel accessories (car seat/stroller covers and carry bags, head rests, window shades, etc.)
  • Strollers, bouncy seats, exersaucers, walkers, highchairs, swings, playpens, mats, jumpers, potty seats, and infant equipment that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards
  • Outdoor toys and equipment (bikes, riding and climbing toys, sandboxes, water tables, etc.)
  • Holiday items

Spring/Summer Events: 

  • Tank tops, sleeveless tops/outfits, and summer themed shirts
  • Shorts
  • Sandals, flip flops, and summer crocs
  • Water/pool toys

Fall/Winter Events:

  • Heavyweight shirts (fleece, thermal, flannel, corduroy, wool, and velvet), sweatshirts, sweaters, and winter themed shirts
  • Sweats, heavyweight/lined pants, and thick tights
  • Coats, snowsuits, winter hats,  scarves, and gloves
  • Boots, lined crocs, and suede shoes
  • Snow sleds, tubes, and gear 
  • Costumes

All Seasons:

  • Short sleeve shirts and lightweight long sleeve shirts
  • Lightweight pants and jeans
  • Athletic shoes, flats, dress shoes, and rain boots
  • Light jackets  
  • Swimwear/flotation devices 
    • While swimwear and flotation devices are primarily used during the summer, it is difficult to find these items during the off season when they are needed for indoor pools, swim lessons, and vacations.  For this reason, Treasured Twice will accept swimwear and flotation devices all year, but pool/water toys and equipment will only be accepted during spring, summer, and sports events.  

Not Accepted:

  • Clothing with stains, holes, snags, grease spots, missing buttons, broken zippers, tears, fading, excessive wear, cracked ink, fuzz balls, or pet hair
  • Items that smell smoky, musty, or have a strong odor
  • Clothing that is date specific or from a camp, vacation destination, or rec league sports team
  • Drawstrings on infant/child clothing that do not meet CPSC standards
    • No neck/hood drawstrings
    • Waist drawstrings limited to 3 inches outside drawstring channel when fully expanded or must be stitched to prevent drawstring from being pulled through the channel
    • End of drawstrings must be free of toggles, knots, and other attachments
  • Used underwear and bras (undergarments must be new in package)
  • Inappropriate graphics/sayings
  • Cassette or VHS tapes
  • Non-working toys or equipment (items must have working batteries)  
  • Plain stuffed animals (must be new with tag, use batteries, or a clean, popular character)
  • Used mattresses and plain pillows (pillows must be decorative or new)
  • Bath/water/teething toys with open holes (ex. squirt toys that trap water and then mold inside)
  • Complimentary hospital, conference, or business promotional items
  • PG 13/R movies and teen/mature video games during children’s events
  • Opened or expired consumable and drug store items (ex. baby food, toiletries, and medicine)
  • Recalled items: Check for recalled items at
  • Car seat that is older than five years, dirty, or has been involved in an accident
  • Items that are unsafe, dangerous, or illegal
  • Knives, guns, swords, hunting bows/arrows, or sharp objects
  • Items that are not hung, displayed, or packaged properly
  • Items that are not appropriate for the season, holiday, or event