Treasured Twice cannot run successful events without volunteers and are grateful for those who give time and energy to work our events.  Volunteers are needed to check-in consignors, inspect items, organize merchandise, assist shoppers, and work the check-out area.  Being a volunteer gives you the benefits of shopping early, earning extra profits, and meeting new people. 

  • Volunteer to work four hours and earn 5% more of your total sales.
  • Volunteer to work eight or more hours and earn 10% more of your total sales.
  • If you are not a consignor, volunteer to work at least four hours to earn a Pre-Sale pass.

One shift is four hours.  We realize it may be difficult to work four hours at once, and that the listed slots may not work with your schedule.  Treasured Twice is flexible and can split up shifts as needed or create a time that works better for you.  Contact us to make adjustments to your volunteer shift(s).

Volunteer Registration and Guidelines:

  • Register to volunteer using My Consignment Manager (see the Registration information about how to register for a My Consignment Manager account).  Once you log in to your account, you may view and register for available shifts. 
  • Please do not bring young children with you that could be a distraction and make it difficult to work. You are welcome to bring an older, responsible child who would like to help. 
  • Try to find a replacement if you are unable to work your shift. Notify Treasured Twice within a day of your scheduled shift if a replacement cannot be found.    
  • Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can review instructions and answer questions.
  • Treasured Twice will make accommodations so that you can volunteer in an area that is suited to your needs (ex. sitting down if you do not want to be on your feet).   
  • If you are not a consignor, please complete your shift before the Pre-Sale in order to shop early.