Shopping Tips

Treasured Twice welcomes you to an exciting shopping experience where you can find a large variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, books, and equipment in one convenient location. 

  • Expect to find quality, name brand items and many that are new or barely used. There are specific guidelines for what is accepted at a Treasured Twice event, so rest assured that each item has been inspected and is suitable for the next home.   
  • Shop early to find the best selection, especially if you are looking for something specific.
  • Volunteer or consign to receive an early shopping pass.
  • You may bring a reusable shopping bag or laundry basket with you to the event. Treasured Twice also has shopping baskets and rolling carts.
  • Childcare is not provided. Children are welcome to come to the sale, but please keep them with you and make sure they do not open packages, play with toys, or climb on racks. 
  • The sales floor is organized and labeled so it is easy to find desired items and sizes.  
  • If you wish to purchase a large item, please see a Treasured Twice worker so that he/she can label the item for you.
  • Don’t miss the half off sale on the last day of the event. Items that are marked 50% off will have a Yes on the Discount part of the tag.
  • Bring items to the check-out station if you would like to inspect them more closely.
  • Please look over clothing and equipment before buying. Treasured Twice inspects items for condition/wear and that everything works and is complete, but we may miss something.  All sales are final, so you cannot bring an item back if you change your mind.  Please contact Treasured Twice f you purchase something that passed inspection but should not have been sold due to damage or flaws.
  • When you come to the checkout counter, please do not remove hangers or tags. Treasured Twice will process everything for you.  Leave any unwanted items at the counter, and a volunteer will return them to the sales floor.
  • All items will be charged 6% sales tax. Payment methods include cash and debit/credit cards. 
  • Please do not leave items unattended or take anything out of the sale without payment. Items may be left at the counter for up to an hour if you need to leave for any reason. 
  • We will be happy to assist you if you have questions or concerns before, during, or after the event. We want you to find great deals and enjoy your experience at Treasured Twice consignment events.  Happy shopping!