Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Rubber band clothing together by gender and size and use boxes, tubs, or baskets to organize items by category.
  • Carefully inspect to make sure everything is ready for the sales floor.
    1. Clothing is hung properly and meets guidelines.
    2. Toys, shoes, and equipment are clean, well packaged, and have working batteries.
    3. Bags are taped closed.
    4. Tags are correctly matched and securely attached.  
  • Bring items during your designated drop-off time.  Log in to the Treasured Twice page on My Consignment Manager to view available time slots, and message Treasured Twice if the times listed do not work with your schedule.  
  • Arrive promptly to check-in your inventory.  Notify Treasured Twice if you cannot attend your appointment and need to make different arrangements. 
  • Check-in at the registration desk.  Bring a copy of your inventory sheet with you. 
  • Items that are rejected will be stored so that you can get them after the sale.
  • Pick up unsold items during the scheduled time or make arrangements with Treasured Twice if that time frame does not work for you.  
  • Notify Treasured Twice if someone else is picking up your items, and make sure that person knows your consignor number and how to identify your belongings.
  • Look for your consignor number to locate your unsold items and totes or baskets.
  • Check the lost and found and rejected item areas for anything that may belong to you.
  • Volunteers will walk you through the process and help unload/load items as needed.